Lunch Break Links: April 12, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Saw Xtina last night. Review to come.

Also saw some badass Lost action, recapped here for your immediate nostalgia needs!

Besides Lost, ABC is doing a good job these days of churning out the least appealing crap possible for a guy like me. There's that stupid David Arquette comedy that comes on before Lost (In Case of Emergency, I think?), October Road, whose insufferable promos speak for themselves, and now Notes From the Underbelly.

This is your Lollapalooza lineup.

Pitchfork has an interview with Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen.

Check out Hip Hop Pop Up. As Stereogum explains, it's "a developmental software that plays MP3s which are user-embedded with URL info for the name-brand products name checked in the track; the file would play normally on your iPod, but listening on your computer (while online) takes you to the homepage for each product pimped, in real time. The Hip Hop Pop Up product hopes to be available as an iTunes plug-in, and offers a look at the 'potential future of the state of mainstream rap music.'"

Another Low interview for you, this time A.V. Club.

The fact that I haven't heard of allegations against David Sedaris probably proves this guy's point.

Pop Candy points out that Madonna and Justin Timberlake are collaborating for her new album.

Whit also reminds us that Chipotle's free-burrito-on-tax-day promotion is on again this year, but you have to buy one on Saturday or Sunday first.


Giovanni Ribisi will star as Albert Einstein in an upcoming flick.

Not sure how this works, but the Kooks have announced they're playing a "surprise" London show. The band will be in Columbus May 7 at the Basement (or is it the House of Crave?), but if you're smart you'll be at Wexner Center that night for Peter Bjorn and John.

New Tokyo Police Club remix here. They are your band of the day; check them out at MySpace.

The Hater tracks Jon Bon Jovi's career life cycle via haircuts.

Lastly, The Streets wants to hit the books.