Lunch Break Links: April 13, 2007

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Especially considering the Cleveland Cavaliers clinched home court for the first round of the playoffs. Huzzah!

Also in basketball, from ESPN's Bill Simmons: Check out Robert Horry's line from last Thursdays Spurs-Suns game. You can appreciate this even if you aren't a sports fan.

Emile Hirsch + Christina Ricci + Wachowski brothers = Speed Racer.

Variety looks back at gay roles in 2006 movies. (Since I've become obsessed with The Office, I forgot Steve Carell was so good in Little Miss Sunshine.)

This new Feist video? "Totally and completely endearing." And here's an interview with Miss Feist.

Cincinnati's Libertines from the '80s reunited last year and are returning to Columbus tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street. London's Libertines from the '00s sort of reunited last night.

Everybody seems pretty amused by Lil Jon blogging about hockey, so I thought I'd pass it on.

The Office last night was near-perfect.

So was El Jesus de Magico at Bobo.

Lily Allen, however, was not amazing in NYC. She comes to Newport Music Hall on May 26.

Finally, there will be an upcoming Lost episode with no flashbacks! Details and the schedule of remaining flashbacks for this season, including one for Ben(!), here.

(P.S. I can't believe Sayid has been reduced to one flashback per year. That's insane.)

I'll see you at the Southern Theater tonight for Andrew Bird, or perhaps out and about later, or maybe at Tommy Keegan's to watch the Crew take on Real Salt Lake. Enjoy your weekend.