Song of the Day: Shellshag

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Shellshag Track: "Shut Up" Album: Destroy Me, I'm Yours Listen

About the music

Perhaps on of the most interesting press kits I've ever received came from this band originally hailing from San Francisco. Besides getting a beautiful limited edition 12" LP, I learned that:

- the band invented the "Flying V" microphone stand, so that the two singers must face each other when harmonizing.

- Jennifer (above right) wears "body percussion," including a belt equipped with bells and tambourine parts, as she plays a stand-up drum kit.

- Shell (above left) thrashes many guitars, "while climbing the stacks."

- the band switches easily from more aggressive noise-based songs to those that are more stripped but no less intense.

- their influences range from Pavement (Gary Young recorded an earlier EP), Sonic Youth and Suicide - three bands everyone should study.

Too often, I look only for hooks and can be easily turned off when hearing a loud band pushing too many boundaries. I appreciate the stuff; I just don't enjoy it. That was not the case when I popped in the CD version of their new album, released March 1: The songs are gritty but never sloppy, challenging but catchy.

Why to know it

This band will take the stage at Cafe Bourbon Street next Friday, April 20, with the Cheater Slicks (look for Locals Only next week), Grafton and Mariannes. After reading warm reviews on and other national sources, it's clear that this minimalist noise-punk duo will give two of this city's loudest bands a run for their money.

After an eight-week U.S. tour, they will travel to Europe with the Slits. Big things to come for this band, I hope.