Song of the Day: The Guess Who

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Guess Who Track: "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" Album: American Woman (1970) Listen

About the music

One of the strongest selling points of the best albums by the Guess Who is the diversity heard among the tracks. Not only could the band purvey the retrpspective comp-ready rock of "American Woman" and the wistful longing of "These Eyes," it could find intimate, interesting spaces in nearly every texture between.

Nowhere is that more evident than in this gem. Basically two amazing pieces blended into a single song, this track shows the band's smooth vocal arrangements, killer but understated guitarisms and love of half-hearted politics embedded in catchy hooks.

Why to know it

Alongside Canadian Club whiskey and several cast members of SNL, the Guess Who is the most vauable export from our northern neighbors. They appeared as self-centered, often simple-minded drunks, but their image belied their impressive, overlooked musical prowess.

Now when people say that Arcade Fire is the best Canadian band, you can correct them. Yes, the Guess Who is the best Canadian rock band with numerous hits and about four albums worth of great, melodic stuff.