Lunch Break Links: April 24, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Quick tidbit before the links: There's a Crew game tonight, but it's not a regular season matchup. A quick explainer for those not intimately familiar with the team: A tournament called the U.S. Open Cup, open to everyone from amateurs to pros, has been going on for nearly 100 years. The teams in MLS compete in the Open Cup on the side throughout the MLS season. For more info on the Open Cup, go here. Tonight's single-elimination match is against the Los Angeles Galaxy—and no, Beckham isn't with the team yet, but U.S. star Landon Donovan and former Crew midfielder Kyle Martino are.

The founder of Girls Gone Wild is going to jail. In perhaps related news, Salon asks "Is boob flashing a feminist statement?"

The Dispatch's Joe Blundo looks back to 500 years ago today, when America supposedly got its name.

That reminds me... their Tim McGraw interview last week was entertaining as well. One of the few mainstream country stars that has any appeal to me.

Brooklyn Vegan has a rundown of recent indie rock signings, including rumors of Tokyo Police Club aligning with Saddle Creek.

Stylus has begun a column about albums with Diamond status—that is, those that have sold 10 million copies or more. They begin with Journey's Greatest Hits.

This examination of Mims' "This Is Why I'm Hot" has been bouncing around the Web for a month or so now, but my appreciation for it continues to ferment. Extra points cause it's by former Columbus dude and OU Bobcat Rob Harvilla.

Rehabbed rockers, restless ballers and more after the jump...

Whoa, Eddie Van Halen looks REALLY different post-rehab.

Jamar Butler might be leaving too? Ill-advised.

PopMatters looks back at a time before 24-hour cable news, when something like NBC News Overnight could get on the air.

LHB sends us to Manhattan Movie Magazine, where they have a pretty solid Top 10 Rock Movies list.

Idolator: "John Edwards Drops Hot New Mixtape."

Also, Amazon might finally be getting into the MP3 business.

TV Guide's Matt Roush tackles the question, "Are sitcoms (read: The Office) still funny? Then why do ratings suck?"

Keith Richards' mother died, and you nose... um, know what that means.

Finally, Very Short List recommends this long-ass, overseas-only, Jack White-penned Coke commercial.