Lunch Break Links: April 25, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Did you know we live in the country's No. 9 best city for blacks?

Spinal Tap will play the London version of Live Earth.

Heard about this "band in a bubble" thing? Idolator thinks they missed the boat.

Devin the Dude! 'Nuff said.

Stereogum tells us about covers:

Franz Ferdinand covered my favorite song on my favorite album so far this year, "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem. You can hear it, but the first one was better.

And nation sensations Gym Class Heroes covered the Beach Boys. You can hear it, but the first one was better.

Isn't it a little early to do a "Top 20 Albums of 2007" list, even with the caveat "so far"? And isn't it even sillier to leave off that LCD Soundsystem album I was just mentioning?

Hey, recipes from indie rockers! I hear that Darnielle cat makes a mean bowl of chili.

Man, the Fall Out Boy bar... that's gonna be rad.

Like, psych! Totally had you there, brah!

Last, of course, is our weekly feast of Lost teasers and theories for Doc Jensen. I thought he was on vacation this week, but I will gladly accept this bounty.

Now, hopefully LL didn't miss another flight and this trip to Dublin will be my last of the day...