Song of the Day: The Kooks

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Kooks Track: "Eddie's Gun" Album: Inside In/Inside Out Listen

About the music

We're in the middle of another British Invasion, though the screaming scads of young women are too busy watching American Idol to notice these charming lads! In 20 years, when your kids ask you about the sweet British indie bands that came to America when you were young, you can look back and say, "Yes, those were good times. Thank God, I read The Riot Act back in the good old days."

But, for realsies, this is one of the better bands that have adopted raucous - but never grimy -tendencies in their more sophisticated update of late-'70s punk and early rock. It rocks volcano hard.

Why to know it

Because they're coming to the Basement on May 7, of course! The band has a noted history of powerful live shows, including one when dancers nearly broke through the floor to a crowd gathered one story below.

Should be fun.

Look for a preview in the May 3 edition of Alive and an extended interview with bassist Max here next week.