Lunch Break Links: May 1, 2007

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I'm going to try to get up some thoughts on the Crew and some concert reviews from last weekend today; I intended them for yesterday, but things went awry. As for tonight, I'm gonna check out My Chemical Romance [Alive preview]. This band intrigues me greatly—probably more so than it should. Anyway, I'm tentatively excited. Muse could go either way, though.

UPDATE: Scratch that. The show is postponed.

Anyway, links.

I am now two weeks behind on 24. And just when it was getting "good." Good, of course, is a relative term. At least the producers are planning a reboot for next season.

Idolator informs us that MTV is reworking TRL, that bastion of entertainment from my summer between middle school and high school (I like my sugar with coffee and cream!), and renaming it YouRL. I love me some puns, but that one I can't stomach. More info here.

In related news, VH1 Classic is (sort of) bringing back 120 Minutes.

A sweep for the Cavs was a good way to close out a busy Monday.

When it comes to 90s alternarock one-hit wonders, it doesn't get much better than Harvey Danger. This clip of young folks lip-synching to "Flagpole Sitta" is uncontainably fun. Wish they wouldn't have gone all "fourth wall" at the end, though.

Who's up for the Kurt Cobain garage sale? Stereogum and EW are psyched for Courtney's latest cash-in. Psych!

Not sure I like the writing on this New York Times Coachella wrap-up ("And Coachella still has taste, that elusive thing." ???) but it has some interesting perspectives on the festival, which pretty much set an impossible bar for itself in 2004 with the Radiohead/Pixies double bill.

The LA Times, of course, has coverage too.

Peter Bjorn and John get live and the NYT gets animal kinky after the jump...

Gawker points us to this NYT feature on duck genitalia. Hot stuff.

NPR is streaming last night's DC performance from Peter Bjorn and John. Listen to get ready for their show next Monday at the Wex. (via)

Bob Hunter chatted with the former Clippers now inhabiting Scranton. I link to this mainly because I am so Office-obsessed that any mention of Scranton perks my ears up.

Here's a clip from Knocked Up, the new movie from the makers of The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

For now, I've gotta go pick up John Ross. I would be remiss not to mention his epic Zach Starkey story. It's definitely worth your time. Strange cat, that Starkey.