Lunch Break Links: May 2, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Notice how every time you go to MySpace now, one of the three "cool new people" is a politician? Speaking of which, did you know Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox, MySpace and a billion other things) is trying to buy the Dow Jones company?

Here you can find Built to Spill covering Macy Gray. This is a definitive WTF moment. (via)

How did I miss this review of the Dismemberment Plan reunion shows? I so wanted to be there.

#$%! I'm getting shaky just thinking about it. Damn, dudes, just get back together already!

EW's "The Glutton" (a.k.a. Dalton Ross) pleads for the return of Friday Night Lights.

To continue my Kelly Clarkson obsession, here's her new video.

And even though this song is so last year (and my opinion of the album deflated nearly immediately after slapping an A on it), here's a new video from Junior Boys.

Blur, Tribeca and more after the jump...

Pete Wentz goes out of his way to be despicable, I think.

Could Blur be making its last stand?

Here is some PopWatch discussion of the Tribeca Film Festival, which our own Melissa Starker attended over the weekend. I'm linking mainly because they have a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is still incredibly beautiful.

My colleague Brooke Williams will surely want an update on the fate of Scrubs.

Darren Aronofsky might be making a film about Noah (of ark fame) post-flood. (via)

Lastly, Slate asks: Could Spidey 3 bomb?