Lunch Break Links: May 3, 2007

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Columbus Alive

11:25: Whew. Here it is. (And for the record, this is a much easier recap to wade through. But don't blame Doc; he just found out his wife is cancer-free.)

Then there's the poor man's Lost, Heroes. Here's a photo gallery of some of the heroes' previous acting gigs and a look at this week's five EW Heroes covers.

Busta Rhymes: Drunk driver.

Sad to see track and field disappear at my alma mater. I never went to a meet, but it was nice to know they were happening.

The new Beastie Boys album? All instrumental.

HBO will tape a Justin Timberlake show at Madison Square Garden for a TV special.

Speaking of JT, who would you rather be, him or Kobe Bryant?

At the moment, being Kobe doesn't sound so good.

Is there anything worse than Hinder?

Addicted to e-mail? Join the club.

Lastly, through LHB: Paper has an interview with Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, and Seattle Weekly talked to James Murphy, the genius behind LCD Soundsystem.