Song of the Day: Guns 'N Roses

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

About the music

Perhaps the most anticipated album since 1970, when the the Beatles' Let It Be dropped, this intriguing side project from Guns frontman Axl Rose has frustrated fans and critics for more than a decade.

Almost annually, Rose has discussed its release in a cryptic fashion normally utilized only by the Masons and Knights Templar. What would this sprawling concept album about race, region, political ideology and the angst of a Midwestern white dude sound like?

Judging this track, posted on the Idolator blog, it sounds as if Rose has locked himself into a giant cement room holding nothing but world geography textbooks, Appetite for Destruction and the collected works of Rob Zombie.

Good news: Everything about Rose's original masterpieces is there - a writhing solo, his snarling lyrics and a good, strong beat. Bad news: It's all encased beneath an unecessary layer of distortion and somewhat tinny studio production.

Why to know it

So you can join in music discussions for the next year. People will be talking about it - many angrily ranting about it - and you'll need to at least hear the song before chiming in.