Lunch Break Links: May 10, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I don't usually deal in hard news, but I feel like Tony Blair's resignation is big enough news that even the most world-news-oblivious folks might want to know about it.

I'm intrigued by the cover of the new Interpol album.

Tim Gunn has a new sidekick.

From the AV Club Newswire: George Lucas plans to make two made-for-TV Star Wars films. And he thinks Spider-Man 3 is "silly."

Also from Newswire: I didn't realize Television was playing many shows, but Richard Lloyd won't be joining them anymore. The guitarist has a solo album to promote, a "perfect record" called Radiant Monkey. He comes off like one cocky bastard in this Billboard interview.

Tim Roth will play the villain in the new Hulk movie.

Interesting analysis of Avril Lavigne here.

You might have heard that Akon got dropped by Verizon, who was sponsoring his tour with Gwen Stefani, for grinding on an underage girl. Idolator examines some of the fallout from that incident.

Indie rock, gossip bloggers and British folkies after the jump.

Stylus examines one of my favorite songs, Red House Painters' "Have You Forgotten."

PopMatters looks at "British Music During Its Most Fertile Period," specifically the pre-British Invasion folk group Pentangle.

The Austin City Limits festival lineup is out.

If you've ever wondered "Who the eff is Perez Hilton?", now you know.

Lastly, maybe this is rock writer navel-gazing, but I'm quite fascinated with this interview with Fader editor Will Welch.