Alive! party news

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Thanks to Amy Bishop, Mark Vuchenich and everyone else who helped put together Alive!'s Anniversary Party Thursday evening at Spice Bar.

It was as bodacious as promised.

We had:

- a very convincing Madonna impersonator, who looked like the pop star during her spunkiest period - a period dominated by thin bracelets and fishnet tops.

- great food from the club kitchen

- Pop Rocks and Fun Dip candy.

- what appeared to be fountains - nay, vats - of free Grey Goose vodka. I don't drink a lot of liquor - beer and occasional shots of bourbon - but I do like a good Goose and tonic. (Apparently, I love having between six and 109 of them.)

- many good times.

Look for photos and more in this week's Alive!.