Lunch Break Links: May 11, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Best news this week: Friday Night Lights has been renewed!

28 Weeks Later: Actually about Starbucks? The buzz on this one is surprisingly good, by the way.

R. Kelly: YouTube's newest star?

Stylus has a list of "Top Ten Most Ridiculous Musical Power Couples (That Probably Made Sense At One Point." It's by Andrew Unterberger, one of the more entertaining pop culture writers on the Internet.

Experimental math-rockers Battles sure have taken their sweet time to get around to making a full-length, but this interview with member Tyondai Braxton implies that said album is purdy good.

Here's more on Fred Durst's surprisingly positive reception as a film director.

Among other musings on the NBA, Bill Simmons thinks the Cavs have a good shot of knocking off the Pistons when they inevitably meet in the Eastern Conference finals.

(Warning: Spoilers in these links for people who haven't watched yet!) Even though this week's breathtaking Lost racked up a record amount of comments at Pop Candy, the episode didn't exactly kill in the ratings.

Lastly, there's now a plan for the old Northland Mall site.

Back later with musiccccc.