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I've gotten some great feedback from all you Nintendo-loving readers, so I think an addendum to my previous list is necessary. [Check it]

It was tough to condense thousands of NES games into a Top 5, but I stand by my selections. However, some ommissions have been brought to my attention...

Tecmo Bowl [more]

This was the first game to convince young males that playing virtual sports could be as fun as watching games on television, and it paved the way for the continuing Madden craze.

Simple running and passing plays on both sides of the ball were all that were available. The players, though named for NFL stars, were pixelated and small. And the "hut hut hut hut" sound drove bystanders crazy.

But Tecmo Bowl and its sequel, Tecmo Super Bowl, had a rudimentary charm still enjoyed today.

Why I didn't include it: I never owned this game when I was young, and I spent far more time playing John Elway's Quarterback, even though Elway had beaten the Cleveland Browns in heartbreaking playoff games several years earlier. Hey, I was young.

Dr. Mario [more]

People often prefer Tetris to Dr. Mario, but as far as puzzle-matching games, I lean towards the latter.

Mario plays a medical doctor attempting to rid an apethecary jar of various viruses. As his assistant, you are given pills and attempt to line up three like ones near a virus to eliminate it. Four reds, yellows or blues in row, and the virus would vanish.

It was a great game, and it's two-player functionality was similar, though superior, to that of Tetris.

Why I didn't include it: Like Tetris, there is no end to this game, making it fun but ultimately frustrating. Like most youth intent to save villages, best aliens and win Super Bowls, I need closure.

Others I considered:

Double Dragon II: The Revenge [more]

Mega Man III [more]

Whomp 'Em [more]

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest [more]