Lunch Break Links: May 29, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Pitchfork covered this weekend's Sasquatch Festival. Additional photos are up here and here.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the new Smashing Pumpkins played their first shows.

The Strokes already made a video for "You Only Live Once," one of the highlights from their mostly blase First Impressions of Earth, but this new one is much better.

New videos from Kanye and Paul McCartney are out too. And White Stripes, which I'm enjoying quite a bit. I don't give them enough credit.

And if you want new mp3s from the New Pornographers or The Polyphonic Spree, well, there you go.

Speaking of Knightley, she could be playing Princess Diana.

Street Census has a look at the top 10 worst/best athlete-rappers. (via Idolator)

Do we really need another story about the death of the music industry?

Suburbs raves about the pleasures of catching something unexpectedly on TV as it unfolds (as opposed to popping in a DVD at your leisure). The good Mr. Unterberger also reviews Season 3 of The Office, discusses the glory of "Welcome to the Jungle" and reports on which songs you can expect to play in Guitar Hero III.

Through the prism of Fox's new On the Lot, Noel Murray discusses TV's weird relationship with movies at the AV Club Blog.

Kevin Reilly, the man who made Friday Night Lights fans wring their hands for months before greenlighting season 2, is leaving his job as entertainment president at NBC, while Ben Silverman, one of the minds behind The Office(USA), is getting a new executive position. Not sure what this means yet for broadcast TV's best but least watched network.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, its reruns started running Sunday at 8, so if you'e at home, watch and learn.

I gorge on Lost and enjoy some general interest fun after the jump.

Slate explains how Helvetica took over the world.

Also at Slate: How auctions (and eBay in particular) mess with our minds and throw reason out the window.

Apparently you should try to avoid flying out of New York.

The second bit here, the part about Pamela Anderson, is hilarious.

Glide has an interview with Daniel Johnston. (via LHB)

And finally, of course, I can't go without touching on last week's Lost finale, which is still busily buzzing through my brain's corridors. Without getting all spoiler-y, I thought the "game-changer" was a stroke of genius, and while I understand some folks' concern that it could lead the series in an undesirable direction, I think it will allow the producers to continue fleshing out these characters and presents a lot more positive than negative potential. The breathtaking storytelling of the last two months of the season reached a peak last week, as the writers gave thoroughly satisfying closure on some counts and, as any good storytellers should, opened up a bevy of tantalizing new questions. And as for all the action hero moments, from Jack to Sawyer to Sayid(!), well, they were sufficiently badass.

If you want to indulge in endless online chatter about the finale, check out these links (SPOILER ALERT, of course):

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