The Rules

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Rules: A Man's Guide to Life, a revised edition of a compilation of wisdom by the staff of Esquire magazine, is about as useful and hilarious as a guide to life can get. [more info]

No diagrams. No science. No cushy anecdotes.

Basically a bunch of solid hunches from wise people, the book contains 607 sentences describing interesting patterns hidden in plain sight. Each is the kind of thing you didn't know you'd noticed about our strange culture and habits.

A few choice ones inside...

Rule No. 583: The quality of a take-out restaurant is exactly mirrored in the quality of its napkins.

Rule No. 327: Having a ferret as a pet doesn't make you any cooler. In fact, it actually makes the ferret less cool.

Rule No. 257: Satan loves parents who give young children rat-tail haircuts.

Rule No. 432: At the holiday office party, consume one less drink than your boss.