Lunch Break Links: May 30, 2007

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Columbus Alive

The last Doc Jensen Lost article of the season is up at EW. Now what am I going to read when I'm supposed to be working?

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello also has Lost content, including tiny tidbits about Season 4.

Continuing on the EW train, Spinner made a list of the 25 best album flops, and Gary Susman has insightful commentary on it.

Pitchfork has an interview with Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan. I must say, my appreciation for that second record really plummeted after I gave it an ill-advised "A" review.

The Dispatch's Robin Davis examines a pertinent produce question: Organic or Local?

While I was out seeing an inspirational sports film for review, some of the staff got to go see Knocked Up, and the word, as expected, is good. Star Seth Rogen talked to the AV Club.

Arcade Fire covering Clinic's "Distortions"? Can't wait to hear this one.

Cracked lists the top 15 (painfully) unforgettable TV cartoon theme songs.

Here's an interview with Richard Thompson, once called the world's best songwriter by Elvis Costello. He's coming to town on June 17.

One of my sister's favorite sites,, was acquired by CBS.

Phil Spector: Golden Girl?

Lastly, THE CAVS!

Speaking of sports, I plan to have some Crew content as well as Musical Musings up by the end of the afternoon, so check back.