Transformers action figures: I'm getting less smart

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I don't want to say "dumber"...but my mental capacities seem to be dwindling.

The Transformers movie press people sent to the office two new Transformers toys (Optimus Prime, Megatron), and they look amazing. They're intricate plastic and metal figures, about 15 inches tall, that could beat G.I. Joes, ninjas and other models in any epic battle.

Only problem is: It took me and our production supervisor's five-year-old nephew, Alex, about an hour to transform Optimus from semi-truck to galactic policeman. Once I was a Lego and Lincoln Log whiz; now I struggle to envision how plastic figures can change shape.

For the record, I will say that my version of OP was far simpler and thus better. Web guru Nate confirmed that the vintage Prime model experienced limited mobility. He was quite easy to transform. He was difficult to conquer.