Lunch Break Links: June 4, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Slate takes a look at the history of church marquees.

The latest to suffer from poor album sales: Gold record manufacturers. (via Idolator)

Suburbs looks at forgotten stars of teen comedies. Andrew also lobbies for shorter seasons of serialized dramas. He points out the higher quality of many cable shows such as The Wire and The 4400 over fare such as Heroes and 24, which struggle to remain captivating over 23 or 24 episodes. But he completely ignores Lost, which conveniently (for his argument) is making the jump to a 16-episode season next year.

Another new Kanye track leaked, though it's just a radio rip. (via Stereogum) EW's PopWatch had some more thoughts on the "Can't Tell Me Nothing" video last week as well.

Also over there at PopWatch, write a birthday haiku for Angelina Jolie (check the comments section) and chime in about which of your favorite bands you've been neglecting by ignoring their new material.

Who didn't perform at the rain-soaked Hot 97 Summer Jam? Seems like something I would have been interested in seeing.

Chuck Klosterman explains why radio is history.

PopMatters has an interview with ex-Libertines junkie Pete Doherty.

Largehearted Boy posted its weekly Interesting CD Releases and Interesting DVD Releases.

Pop Candy linked to this TV show pitch generator and a Guardian blog by Art Brut's Eddie Argos.

I'll leave you with 29 Thoughts About Summer Blockbusters.