Old 3C records releases classic local albums

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Columbus Alive

Classic discs from Great Plains, Log and other canonized Columbus bands are now available from Old 3C Records, the diligent label run by Paul Nini, formerly of Log and Plains.

Also available are rare materials from Chicago bands the New Normal and Shades of Al Davis, talented groups both.

You can order the albums from the website, and Nini is releasing the impressive seasonal catalogue via the iTunes Music Store, Emusic.com and DownloadPunk.com.

Full catalogue here.

A few quick reviews inside...

Great Plains Slaves to Rock N Roll

Being a toddler when much of this material was recorded, I know Great Plains mostly by reputation - essential, furious, scene-defining. Its mythology is bolstered here by an expansive collection of material originally put out in various analog forms during the '80s.

The best and loudest was captured live at venues such as Crazy Mama's, Schoolkid's and Stache's, from 1981-85 - so it's a must-have for local music fans desperate for that sublime link to the past.

This release didn't do much to school me on the band's sound - the recordings are scratchy and dim - but it's an interesting portrait of a live sound that remains embedded in the collective rock consciousness of this city.

Those with a framework for nostalgia will enjoy it more than any newbie looking for a history lesson. I've been listening to the double-disc retrospective Length of Growth 1981-89, which is also available at the Main Library and the 3C website, and I find that a better entry point.

Shades of Al Davis The Midwest Peace Talks Vols. 1, 2

Smoother, gentler and of better sound quality, this release from Chicago's Alan Spindle, Mike Ritt and Steve Lindstrom re-captures generally likeable indie-pop from a 1999 release on the Mallard Pointe label.

It's background rock, for sure, but that works for a talented group of songwriters much like Paul Nini - the label head and frontman of St. Paul and His Coalition of the Willing, which put out a fantastic album late last year.

Country and blue-collar rock are both folded into the band's staid and simple exoskeleton.

Download: "The Weight of the World," "Elsewhere"