Lunch Break Links: June 6, 2007

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Columbus Alive

When your show airs after American Idol and you still have only 7.6 million viewers, you have a problem.

Strangely, Beverly Hills 90210 is popping up everywhere I go on the Internet lately, like here and here.

That first one came via Bill Simmons, who also linked to this amazing fight scene of comedic proportions...

...and this clip of Pele ballin' outta control.

Now that I finally got around to listening to The National (excellent stuff, way better than that Neon Bible bullsh%&; can't wait for June 16 at The Basement), I'll link to this feature where they talk about some of their favorite things. (Side note: My buddy David also is getting into Boxer. "This stuff makes me feel like it's 2004 again," he says, which is high praise in our immediately nostalgia-soaked existence.)

Another friend of mine, Andy, rakes in the dollars playing online poker. This feature looks at that phenomenon, which is still raging long after the mainstream poker craze seems to have died down.

Drowned in Sound reviews its favorite albums of the year so far.

Did pirates ever really say "arrrr"?

So let me get this straight: LeBron is a jerk because he didn't sign a letter about Darfur? That's it? That's the one charge against him?

Screams, musicians popular and obscure and more after the jump...

Stereogum wonders "What is ratm82407"? The countdown indicates that perhaps a new album is in the works, but other factors (a LiveNation tie-in) suggest it's pimping an upcoming concert.

Very Short List, a mailing list I'm on, sent me this video from Fujiya and Miyagi. It's great; if you liked the White Stripes' Lego video, this might be up your alley.

The Denver Post interviews Elizabeth Powell from Land of Talk, who were killer last week at Little Brother's. Definitely check this band out (I recommend "All My Friends"). (via LHB)

Also from LHB: Rolling Stone's top 25 slow dance numbers (as voted by readers).

Finally, Pop Candy points out Paste Culture Club, an extension of the adult-oriented music mag, and its list of the Top 15 rock 'n' roll screams.