Lunch Break Links: June 8, 2007

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

To wipe away the memories of last night's game, let's remember the previous Thursday by watching highlights from LeBron's 48 Special.

Comfest is only two weeks away, and hopefully it will be this awesome.

Tuxspeedo from donewaiting hooked us up with this two-part interview with the Butthole Surfers—essential viewing.

Related: Rush Limbaugh vs. Gibby Haynes. The audience shots from Limbaugh's TV show are priceless.

One of my favorite music videos of last year is The Thermals' "A Pillar of Salt."

Speaking of music videos, The National is coming to the Basement next weekend—here's their video for "Mistaken for Strangers."

Later that night, local cats Loyal Divide are throwing a CD release party at Skully's. They have a music video of their own.

OK, gotta run. Musical recommendations and maybe more videos later...