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Local indie-rock band Modena Vox needs your help in their quest to move from an online poll into the print version of the popular music magazine. is hosting "The Next 1000," a hot new bands contest, and the Vox has been selected as one of the world's 1,000 greatest bands. In their own words, "Hey, it's better than the top ten thousand."

The band is one of the best in town. Inside info to help the band along: We're putting a Modena Vox song on the Alive! Local Music Compilation to be released next week.

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Song of the Day and more inside...

Artist: Paul McCartney Track: "That Was Me," "Dance Tonight," "Ever Present Past" Album: Memory Almost Full

I'm not crazy about everything on McCartney's upcoming release, Memory Almost Full, but I didn't expect to love every minute recorded in the studio by a genius who shows no signs of slowing down his career as he approaches 65.

In fact, that's why the former Beatle's solo records hit so hard and hold up so well against the test of time: McCartney in the studio, apparently as in real life, can't keep still. He's a shapeshifter, a whirlwind of inventiveness, a maelstrom of ideas likely picked from every record he's ever heard, every nuanced sound he's heard on the street.

Starting with McCartney, released in 1970, the multi-instrumentalist has woven a unique fabric of sound. Both John Lennon and George Harrison eventually went off deep ends - Lennon into politics and Harrison into the gentle, folkish world of the spirit.

Don't let the hipsters tell you otherwise: Paul matters most. Paul. Paul. Paul.

It has been McCartney who has carried the Beatles' torch most expertly - which, I'll say, is what I yearn for most in a post-Beatles career. Only he was able to reproduce the way his former mates made a catchy tune so clever and an inventive cycle so accessible. Only McCartney watered the roots of rock and grew something connected and altogether new.

It is no small feat that he (often alone) could mimic the alchemy of four of the greatest musicians who've ever lived.

Ups and downs populate the songs on this album, but each was clearly crafted by a master who is as skilled as anyone in the basic and extraordinary crafts of the song.

These three are among this stellar album's best tracks.

Awesomeness this weekend

The Park Street Festival, a free outdoor celebration of the entertainment district, will host Red Wanting Blue on Friday and Saving Jane with Lovesick Radio on Saturday. For great feature story and show schedule, click here.

The last show with the original lineup of Tree of Snakes will play Bernie's Distillery tonight with Envelope, Times New Viking and Necropolis. For more info, click here.