Alive! Local Music Comp 2007: The Cabdrivers

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Columbus Alive

We're only days away from releasing Alive!'s fifth Local Music Compilation - the city's best showcase of new music. The free CD includes 15 new tracks from the hottest bands in town.

You can get yours at our Comfest booth or at the free release party this Friday, June 15, at Little Brother's. Until then, we'll be whetting your appetite by revealing one song from it each day this week.

Monday's Secret Track: The Cabdrivers


Artist: The Cabdrivers Track: "Dirty Blankets" From: It's Yours! Listen

Local musician Brett Helling recorded his debut record by himself in a Victorian Village apartment, but it doesn't sound like it. It's Yours! shows off big, full productions and a taste for fringes of pop.

He wanders everywhere, but always comes back to what makes his album so good: overlaying experimental indie rock atop a spine of soulful pop. This track moves with little percussion and displays Helling's peculiar vocal styling.

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