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I hated waiting to break the news about Athens' Southeast Engine signing with Misra Records, the label that brought us such acts as Centro-matic, Great Lake Swimmers and the makers of one of last year's best records, Evangelicals. But I waited because they asked me to. Then the information started popping up elsewhere, and I got scooped!

That said, it's hard for me to hold back the latest tidbit of news, but I'll leave band names out of it. Because one of them asked me to.

It seems more Columbus bands besides free-noise trio Lambsbread could be joining the roster of Thurston Moore's boutique* record label Ecstatic Peace. Reps from the label contacted at least two Columbus rock groups and asked for copies of the bands' previous records. Both bands are definitely deserving of national attention, and both would fit in on Moore's label. I have no idea how commital Ecstatic Peace's inquiry was, but I hope it works out for the home team.

Meanwhile, on the topic of underground music legends, the filmmakers working on local music documentary Friends From Ohio spent some time out West with Mike Watt. The former Minuteman (and current Stooge) talked with Antoine Perkins and Lori Abel about his experiences in Columbus, particularly at Stache's and Little Brother's. Here's a photo:

*Speaking of boutique labels, is Pitchfork's Jess Harvell trying to start a feud with Stylus' (and Columbus') Kevin Elliott? Compare their reviews of the new Pissed Jeans album (Stylus, Pitchfork), and note each writer's use of the word "boutique." I hate to admit it, but I love a little snark now and again.