Lunch Break Links: June 11, 2007

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Stephen Saito ran a fun feature at Premiere called "20 Movies Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You." It's about films that deserve to be resurrected from "development Hell," and it raises a lot of interesting possibilities, though I gotta say I would NOT like to see A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius adapted for the screen, especially not with Tom Cruise as Dave Eggers.

Pitchfork has an interview with Deerhunter's strange-looking singer.

The latest ridiculous Arcade Fire publicity stunt is here.

Also, your daily Kanye leak is here (with John Mayer on the hook). Stereogum has video of an old version of the song.

Apparently the new trend in NYC is dumping out your CD collection on the sidewalk. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd love to stumble upon such a stash, even if it was just old Whitney Houston albums or something.

"As the weather warms and New Yorkers wrap up their spring cleaning, more and more CDs are going the way of the cassette and the eight-track tape. While some iPod owners are selling their albums to iPod-challenged friends and neighbors, others are simply dumping entire collections on the sidewalk. Either way, it’s almost impossible to walk down the street without tripping over the city’s aural histories. Call it CD roadkill." (via Idolator)

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Nerve offers Sex Advice From Librarians.

Here's another bit on the politics of Knocked Up, because I'm still interested even if I still haven't seen it (I know, I know).

AV Club wonders if improv is ruining comedy.

Gus Van Sant is directing an adaptation of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

Status Ain't Hood looks at "the battle for the heart of R&B."

Here are Largehearted Boy's Interesting DVD Releases for the week, and here are the Interesting CD Releases.

The Rolling Stones headlined a UK festival, bringing rock completely full circle. Can we start over now?

And yeah, by the time I finished putting this post together, I found out what happened on The Sopranos last night, sort of. Damn it.