Alive! Comp: New Track Up

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We're only days away from releasing Alive!'s fifth Local Music Compilation - the city's best showcase of new music. The free CD includes 15 new tracks from the hottest bands in town.

You can get yours at our Comfest booth or at the free release party this Friday, June 15, at Little Brother's. Until then, we'll be whetting your appetite by revealing one song from it each day this week.

Thursday's Secret Track: Melty Melty


Artist: Melty Melty Track: "Same Situation" Album: Previously unreleased


There was some debate in the office over which Melty Melty track to pick for the comp, since each offered something not heard elsewhere on the disc: some a latent electronic sheen, others cascades of background overdubs highlighting solid, bass-centric rhythms.

This track, to be released on an upcoming EP from local label We Want Action, is a quiet and nuanced indie-rock ballad. The main section is beautifully simple, and brief segments of borrowed sound add to the song's distant and detached sense of bewilderment.