Lunch Break Links: June 18, 2007

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Columbus Alive

AV Club brings us "13 great moments in the co-option of hip-hop."

Their newswire also pointed out some awful news from Fox News: Unsubstantiated rumors indicate NBC is considering a Dwight Schrute-focused Office spinoff. This would be a disaster of epic proportions, ruining The Office and its offspring in one swoop. NBC, if you're actually thinking of doing it... don't do it.

EW had lunch with the Beastie Boys. They talked a little bit about the making of each of their records, which is pretty entertaining.

This weekend, people thought Sufjan Stevens was making an Oregon album, but then it turned out to be a hoax.

First Paul McCartney partnered with Starbucks, now Sonic Youth.

Stylus revisits the Top 10 Crushing Disappointments (e.g. Load, The Love Below).

They also have a ridiculous Blur vs. Oasis piece.

Bonnaroo coverage and more after the jump...

Stereogum has a good chunk of Bonnaroo coverage.

PopWatch has some too.

Brooklyn Vegan has some pictures. So does Rolling Stone.

Spin has plenty of coverage.

And Idolator rounded up some more reviews, including competing takes on The Police from NY Times and LA Times.

Rolling Stone examined "the filthiest new show on television," Californication.

The thought of an Adam Sandler-Mitch Albom collaboration kind of makes my stomach turn.

Ten-year anniversary tributes to OK Computer are popping up around the Web, but thanks to wrong info from All Music Guide, mine isn't ready yet. This will suffice for now.

Lastly, Status Ain't Hood made an explicit playlist to commemorate how much the NBA sucks.