Lunch Break Links: June 19, 2007

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Columbus Alive

New Radiohead music leaked, sort of.

EW published a list of the 25 Greatest Action Movies, which is sure to drum up a bit of controversy.

The Crew is moving its training center out of Obetz.

On that tip, Slate says the US soccer team has a uniform crisis.

The Guardian commissioned a group of famous musicians to put together a list of supposedly great records they think are overrated. (via Stereogum)

Oooh, here's one I can sink my teeth in: The Connecticut Post examines the connection between Lost characters and pop music. (via LHB)

Apparently Spin has a book club, and this month's entry is Cat's Cradle.

Hall and Oates have gotten a major popularity boost among youngsters in the last few years. But even though I loved that Phoenix album last year, appreciation for Darryl and John has mostly escaped me. This Idiot's Guide might help me. (via Idolator)

Check out the new anti-pot ads.

Finally, RIP Punk Planet. Status Ain't Hood has a tribute.