Lunch Break Links: June 20, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I don't mean to post everything Tom Breihan writes, but I've really been enjoying his blog lately. Today Status Ain't Hood tackles the prospect of an LL Cool J vs. Jay-Z beef and why it wouldn't carry a lot of weight at this point.

Idolator points out this ranting note from Josh Malerman of The High Strung regarding Pitchfork ignoring his band.


Could Jon Stewart be filling Conan O'Brien's slot when Conan makes the jump to The Tonight Show in 2009? (via PopWatch)

Also courtesy of PopWatch: America, are you ready for Monopoly: The Movie?

Donewaiting linked to this Bonnaroo blog John Roderick of The Long Winters kept for MSNBC. It's pretty great.

More where that come, just jump with me...

Stylus looks back at a time before emo was the subject of local TV news reports, when it represented some other completely unquantifiable thing than it does now. They do so through the frame of a band called Julia.

David Lighty! Be careful with that BB gun!

Paste has an interview with Art Brut's Eddie Argos (a swell guy, I can assure you, based on the 15 minutes we once spent together).

Hey, a new Menomena video! I could be into that.

I know Angelina Jolie does good work on the international aid front, but I kind of can't stand her. Here's another reason why.

I don't like to post political stuff here, but a Hillary parody of the Sopranos finale? Come on.

Lastly—I guess we'll stay on a semi-politcal tip for a moment—did you know the Pentagon banned our troops from using MySpace, YouTube, etc.? As someone who kept in touch with my Iraq-based cousin through MySpace and Facebook for a year, that doesn't sit well with me.