Song of the Day: The National

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Columbus Alive

Artist: The National Track: "Secret Meeting" Album: Alligator


At the behest of Chris DeVille, I'm been listening to the newest album from the National, the Brooklyn fivesome who appeared at the Basement Saturday, June 16.

He's got a review of the show and likely some good stuff about their newest album, Boxer. Check it here. From what I've heard, it's fantastic.

But I'll go one better and get to a previous album, Alligator, so you can tell your friends you knew them way back when. People like that sort of stuff.

To me "Secret Meeting" sounds how I want U2 to sound - how that band would sound if they hadn't realized they could be pompous, self-aggrandizing jackasses and get away with it.

Especially on the guitars, which flutter beautifully and consistently. Like the singer's voice and the drums behind, the guitars are content to maintain tension with the implication, not the explosion, of a giant, swooping crescendo.

Staid, staid, powerful music, this track.

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