Lunch Break Links: June 21, 2007

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Columbus Alive

AV Club also directs us to reports on the brewing Pauly Shore vs. Wes Craven feud. Yup.

And let's just continue an AV Club binge by posting their interview with the Ren & Stimpy creator. Apparently he's going to start doing new Web-only cartoons.

Why not? One more: Noel Murray pontificates on downloading pirated TV shows off BitTorrent.

The dude from My Chemical Romance is putting out a comic. Check it out here.

I've been avoiding linking to news about the Isaiah Washington spat, but since I keep clicking on them to read up on it, I'm guessing some of you are interested. He's considering suing ABC.

Is putting Paris Hilton on the cover of your single that risque or profound, really? I mean, what statement are Smashing Pumpkins really making here (assuming it's real)?

And do you think Carlos D of Interpol quit partying just so he could pontificate on just how much partying he's done? "I think I’ve done a lifetime’s worth. I mean, wow.” I mean, wow.

More links! Click, click, click...

Ever wonder what music and movies and stuff Joanna Newsom is into? Now you know.

Yeah, I'm linking to Status Ain't Hood again. Today's topic: Kanye.

Thanks to MuchMusic, you can stream the new Ryan Adams record if that's your thing. (via Stereogum)

Avril Lavigne Christmas record? Why?

Aaron Dessner of The National talked to The Boston Herald. I am planning to write about their show and their new record soon. Did the interview really center on Wilco, though, Boston Herald dude? (via LHB)

Be on the listen-out for next week's Internet radio "day of silence."

Finally, look out, album leakers; your day of public humiliation is near! (via Idolator)