Lunch Break Links: June 25, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Anyway, the NHL Draft also happened in Columbus this weekend, and ESPN's Bill Simmons kept a running diary. Haven't read through it yet to find out if he mentioned our fair city.

And on another local note, it seems Columbus is growing in culture at a slower clip than other places, whatever that means. (OK, so the story explains what it means.) (via John Ross, Esq.)

Our ace intern Ellie Behling sent me a link to Passive Aggressive Notes, one of the finer blogs on this here interweb.

Idolator brings us "the only Nickelback you'll ever need to hear."

Much, much more after the jump...

Slate tells us why Facebook could devour MySpace, Yahoo, Google, et al. Meanwhile, MySpace mogul (hah!) Rupert Murdoch continues his quest to take over the world.

Speaking of MySpace, you can stream the new Bad Brains album there, while Bad Brains producer Adam Yauch's group has its new instrumental album streaming at BrooklynVegan.

Gregg Gillis (that's Girl Talk to you) just lost the high ground. (via AV Club)

AV Club brings you 10 Directors You Didn't Know You Hated.

Stylus brings you a list of summer jamz.

NME has a bunch of Glastonbury coverage.

Largehearted Boy's Interesting CD Releases are up. So are the DVD releases.

Pitchfork interviewed Jack White, but at this point I would rather hear from Meg.

Pop Candy is back from vacation and bringing us great links like The Office season 3 DVD extras, the first eight minutes of Live Free or Die Hard and news that Joely Richardson is coming back to Nip/Tuck.

Finally, now you too can squirt fake blood.