Lunch Break Links: June 26, 2007

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Columbus Alive

It seems Capsoul wasn't the only record label of note in the annals of Columbus soul music. A Chicago label is unveiling previously unreleased tracks from the Prix label. Aaron Beck has a report plus two sound samples.

I'm so used to thinking about spoilers in relation to TV and film that I forgot you could have book spoilers too. Harry Potter fans must hold out for 24 more days if they wish to remain in the dark, though.

Why does the fact that Muse played a stadium gig featuring "silver ballerinas doing acrobatics suspended from gigantic white balloons above the crowd" not surprise me? And I'm not one for semantics when it comes to "indie rock"—we're at the point where the term doesn't mean what it used to mean and you can apply it to major-label bands—but is Muse really indie rock according to any definition of the term? And why does this bother me so much?

PopMatters talked to Paul too.

Thank the Lord, Rosie O'Donnell will not replace Bob Barker.

Could a Led Zeppelin reunion with Jason Bonham on drums really be happening? Gigwise says so. (via Stereogum)

More, more, more! Just click for it.

The latest sign that I'm already old is that 18-year-old girls think of Avril Lavigne as a "comeback" artist. You know, "from the '90s." (Notice: Definitely debuted in 2002.) Also, did you know many high school freshmen have never seen Office Space? What is the world coming to?

If you scroll past all the news about crappy shows, E! has some juicy Lost info.

I haven't been watching TV at all this summer, but it seems some people have.

Cracked listed the top 25 most ridiculous band names in rock history.

Also, James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" topped a poll of the most irritating songs.

My fellow rock writers and I had better look out. Restaurants abroad are winning lawsuits against newspapers that give them bad reviews. Could music be next? Pianist Susan Tomes chimes in on the pages of The Guardian.

Lastly, this is not a joke. "A Swedish heavy metal fan has had his musical preferences officially classified as a disability." Thanks to my desk neighbor Nikki Davis for the link.