Lunch Break Links: June 27, 2007

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Columbus Alive

A couple good links emerged from the Donewaiting message board too. Jawbreaker posted a link to an essay called "Hipsters, Prepare to Die," while Atomic Ned posted that the Verve are reuniting with the original lineup.

I should save this for video Friday, but you'll probably see it by then. The big-budget clip for Kanye's new Daft Punk-sampling single "Stronger" is out.

Pop Candy points us to Maxim's comparison of old and new Transformers toys.

Neon Bible seems to get worse by the day, but it would still make my year if the Arcade Fire-LCD Soundsystem tour came through town. (Sound of Silver is still tits.)

Apparently Weezer has not broken up and is recording a new album. I listened to Pinkerton on a car trip recently and am sticking with my unabashed love of those first two records. Too bad this one will suck.

I didn't know the magnificently beautiful Mary-Louise Parker and her dead husband from Weeds (aka dead Denny from Grey's Anatomy) were dating, but apparently they aren't anymore.

Slate posted its summer movie issue, including a look at the greatest film one-liners, a look at the history of movie concession stands and an analysis of the state of the ninja in cinema.

Lastly, who does this guy think he is?