Lunch Break Links: July 2, 2007

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Columbus Alive

A great way to do so would be to attend as many Crew games as possible. The team is resurgent, and it's fun to be at Crew Stadium again. I spent most of this weekend's match with the superfans in the North End and section 103, and I heartily recommend checking out that area of the stadium Saturday night. Look for Crew coverage this week in the paper (and hopefully some musings on this blog later today).

On to the links...

How could I miss this last week? It seems Bush could be getting back together, which is kind of lame, but for someone whose first CD was Sixteen Stone, still nostalgic to the max. (via Idolator)

Continuing to rummage through the rubble of mid-90s MTV (hey, look, it's Pauly Shore!): Smashing Pumpkins' new album, Zeitgeist, leaked this weekend. You can stream it legally at Spinner. They also have a new video for "Tarantula." The Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot wonders if the Pumpkins are still great. (My guess is no.)

I enjoyed AV Club's weekly list this week: "12 movies that try to make Internet chatting interesting."

Figurines are a band I wish more people would check out. Two songs from their upcoming album have surfaced online, one at Stereogum and another at Soundvenue (scroll down).

Slate asks "Are photos of cute naked hipsters art?" and advises "Never play a video game that's trying to teach you something."

Have you heard about this new VH1 reality show about Scott Baio being 45 and single? Well, apparently, he wasn't actually single when he was filming it.

More links after the jump...

Bad news for iTunes: Universal Music Group could be pulling out of the Apple music service.

I've been meaning for a couple weeks to link to PopMatters' list of the 50 DVDs Every Film Fan Should Own. Pop Candy pointed it out.

Status Ain't Hood looks at Guitar Hero 2 vs. Def Jam Icon.

Variety pits Hell's Kitchen vs. Top Chef.

Largehearted Boy posted this week's interesting CD and DVD releases.

The Watcher runs down TV drama's finest actors and actresses. It's hard to disagree with her picks.

I've been enjoying getting back into Toothpaste for Dinner recently. Enjoy.

Finally, Matador's Gerard Cosloy helps the Ad Council explain why you can never be too careful about what you post on MySpace.