Nature Notes: Mad River and more!

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Mad River Outfitters

A great big shout out to the guys at Mad River Outfitters, a fly-fishing shop of the highest order, for helping me get things straight with several rods and leaders.

I walked in there with the wrong knots, damaged line, confused expression, and Bill, one of the resident experts, sat down with me and explained the things I was doing wrong and how to do them correctly with ease the next time.

That's why the store is so wonderful. You just don't find kind, expert service like this very often.

They also offer a bunch of interesting classes to get newbies into sport fishing. [Schedule here]

I plan to take the following:

Knots & Leaders: In this two-hour seminar, MRO owner Brian Flechsig teaches the basics of leader design and the knots needed to attach various lines. Cost $5.

Fly Casting: A basic introduction to the complex casting techniques needed to land fish on a fly rod, this two-hour session should help novices and intermediates learn better technique. Cost $25.


Harvest info

Thinking it was a swell idea to Venture into the world of fruit-picking - and loving the delicious strawberry - I found out the hard way that strawberry season is over.

Long gone. I will not be able to procure my own sweet berries, like those pictured above, from a local farm.

The good news: This website that describes, in easy graphical format, when to pick what. [Check it]

I think I'll have to wait for pumpkins...

Take Me Fishing

Want to catch smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, carp and bluegill?

Me too, but it's difficult to find a comprehensive, useful, user-friendly fishing database that's updated regularly. Ohio has amazing sport water, but pinning down the specifics is tricky. has some pretty good searchable resources. Sponsored by a national group trying to encourage the psychological and entertainment benefits of fishing, the website allows you can search for spots by location, species and type.

Pretty sweet.