Nature Notes: Bodies...the Exhibition and More

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Bodies...The Exhibition

Went to the newest display of preserved cadavers now housed in a former CompUSA building at Easton Market. It's fantastic. I've also seen Bodyworlds, a competing exhibit, and it's very similar.

Some interesting facts about the exhibition:

Since polymer preservation was developed in the late ’70s, many advances have been made to cure cadavers used in the several popular exhibitions now touring the world. This is basically how it works:

1. Anatomists fix a specimen with chemicals to halt the decaying process. They dissect it to expose important structures.

2. All water is removed by replacing it with acetone.

3. The specimen is placed into liquid silicone within a vacuum. In the chamber, acetone becomes gas that’s replaced by the polymer mixture.

4. The silicone polymer is hardened, creating a dry, odorless, permanently preserved specimen. The tissue retains its look but functions like rubber.

Fun facts about the body:

- The human body contains more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

- The kidneys filter impurities from the blood at a rate of 15 gallons per hour.

- After conception, each of us spends one half-hour as a single cell.

- Bone is five times stronger than steel of the same shape and density.

Bodies...The Exhibition is open through December 31 at 3749 Easton Market. For tickets and info, click to

Tote N Boat Canoes

I've been looking to invest in a canoe, since they're great for fishing and providing wading access to fishable waters. My Toyota Corolla can't tow too much weight, so a boat is out.

Likely, I could strap an aluminum two-person model to the top, but I came across this contraption.

It looks like a normal canoe - and has a 450-pound capacity - but it folds into a canvas bag that could fit easily into the trunk of my car. More info here.

Anyone been on/in one of these things?