Lunch Break Links: July 5, 2007

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Columbus Alive

In related news, Slate provides a history of competitive eating injuries.

MTV is streaming the new Interpol album.

Suburbs' proposition that the music biz should be more like sports is an intriguing one.

People are abuzz about a mysterious new J.J. Abrams movie called Cloverfield, which was teased before Transformers.

The Sex and the City movie is definitely happening, it seems.

More pop culture goodness (or badness, if you please) after the jump...

AV Club argues in favor of live albums and celebrates the genre's 00s resurgence.

Meanwhile, Paste's Andy Whitman (a local lad) mourns the death of local radio, and a music industry analyst proposes we kill radio to save the record industry. Huh?

The No. 1 album in the country is by... Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter.

Best Week Ever rounded up the "Top 10 movies that ruined our childhood memories."

After Elton has an interview with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear.

Stylus has an interview with Hot Chip.

What is the Monte Carlo TV Festival? Watch With Kristin doesn't know, exactly, but she wants to go.

Status Ain't Hood's mid-year report on 2007's best singles is really interesting.

Finally, is this the worst album cover ever? If not, what is?