Lunch Break Links: July 6, 2007

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Columbus Alive

The White Stripes surprised a bunch of fans in Winnipeg with a surprise gig on a bus. The story: "This is a video clip of an unannounced afternoon show in Winnipeg. We heard on a message board of a surprise show at the forks in downtowm Winnipeg. We were among 20 people escorted into a bus, which picked up Jack and Meg at the next stop. Enjoy!"

YouTube user orlosperry has a bevy of Columbus bands in all their live glory, including Times New Viking, Scrawl and Buffalo Corpse.

Animal Collective has a new video.

So does the excellent Land of Talk.

And so does (the newly funky?) Rilo Kiley (and no, it's not porno).

And Spoon.

And Grizzly Bear.

A few former Guided by Voices members got together with Bob Pollard to play "A Salty Salute" at a Dayton BBQ last weekend.

EW compiled video of its favorite TV assistants.

Videocracy's No. 1 video of the day is a clip of TV reporters ripping on each other for covering Paris Hilton too much.

Finally, here's to Joey Chestnut. The commentary is awesome: