An interview with Duncan Oughton

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

What was the team’s reaction to having no All-Stars? It would be nice to have a guy—if not a few guys—on it. But that’s all part of it. At the end of the day, someone’s got to make a decision. There’s a lot of good players in the league, and we just use it as extra motivation, you know? I definitely think there’s a few guys on this team that have put their hand up to have a chance, but you know, there’s a few guys on a lot of teams.

So it has been a motivating factor? I definitely think so. Let’s prove that we deserve to be there. It’s a long season, so we’ve got plenty of time to prove it.

Could it be a good thing that nobody has to go out there and disrupt the week of training? Obviously it would be good for the Columbus fans to have a player or two out there, someone to watch and say “Hey, we support them week in and week out.” But in terms of the players, we’ll support the MLS all-star team in the game against Celtic, and it means we can get a good week of training before Toronto as a squad. If we had lost one or two guys they wouldn’t be with us ’til probably Friday or Saturday with the game on Sunday, so you know maybe it’s more beneficial for us to have everyone here as a team.

Do you guys watch the All-Star Game? Are those entertaining for you? I definitely keep an eye on it. Support the league, you know, so I watch games all the time. I watch every type of soccer, you know?

Do you like the current All-Star format (MLS stars versus international clubs), or are we at the point where we should go back to MLS All-Stars against other MLS All-Stars? To be honest, I kind of like the idea. Last year against Chelsea, it proved that the league is good, we got a result against Chelsea, nice win there. So I think it’s good to get a bit of competition and showcase the league a little bit against some other opposition. It lets people in other parts of the world check out the league, check out some players, and it gives a few guys a chance to possibly get the opportunity to go overseas maybe if that’s what they’re looking to do.

Do you think people from overseas take these good showings against clubs like Chelsea seriously? It’s obviously preseason for European teams, but saying that, you go out to win games. I’m sure Chelsea didn’t want to lose that game when they played. I’m sure Celtic won’t go out to lose. It’s a pride thing. It’s a game for those guys. Trying to get a starting spot. So whoever’s on the field for them is motivated. There’s no question about that.

What do you think of Flight of the Conchords? That’s funny dude. It’s awesome. I like it. It’s weird humor, but they’re pretty sweet.

Would you say that’s a good representation of Kiwi humor? I mean, obviously there’s that type of humor anywhere in the world, a little dry and stuff like that. But one of those guys actually went to my high school. Bret McKenzie. He was a year ahead of me in high school. I didn’t know him that well, but he went to my school. He was friends with some guys I used to play soccer with.

Before, you were my only reference point for New Zealand. Now I have two. You gotta look at Lord of the Rings. Those are our people too!