Lunch Break Links: July 17, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Meanwhile, writers for The New Republic shower insults and praise on Becks. I still say his signing is good for MLS if only for exposure's sake.

I'm not sure why PopMatters is publishing a commentary on the "gay bomb," but I find it ridiculously interesting, so I'm going to link to it as well.

Lotsa interesting news coming out on NBC, including appearances by Jerry Seinfeld and Isaiah Washington on the fall schedule and a possible prime-time show for Jay Leno after he leaves The Tonight Show. More on that from TV Guide, including hope for the future of Friday Night Lights.

Also, the first four weeks of The Office (premiering Sept. 27) will be one-hour episodes. Not sure I like that strategy. (via Pop Candy)

Donewaiting posted a clip from I'm Not There, which features Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan and David Cross as Allen Ginsberg.

The Smashing Pumpkins are searching for the twins from the cover of Siamese Dream. Meanwhile, here's the Nevermind baby.

The 33 1/3 book series features writers of all stripes writing a miniature book about an important album. The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle is writing one about Black Sabbath's Master of Reality, and his quote about it is pretty good. More on the series here and here.

Rolling Stone seems to have willfully ignored the Pitchfork fest in favor of covering Rocklahoma, the hair metal fest.

Andrew Unterberger of Stylus participated in the World Series of Pop Culture that's airing now on VH1. He's been tracking his team's trek through the competition in his Suburbs blog.

AV Club has a good crop of features today including a look at hipster-hating hipsters, a lament about when movie trailers lie and a feature that asks which is better: this summer's blockbusters or their corresponding toys?

Lastly, The Hater, Andy Samberg and I agree: The upcoming Andy Samberg movie looks pretty lame.