Song of the Day: Rooney

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Rooney Track: "I Should've Been After You" Album: Calling the World


As Melissa Starker pointed out earlier, the cover of Rooney's second album, out this week, resembles a number of old photos of the best British blues-rock band, the Yardbirds. Indeed, it does. Unfortunately, the album is not a bunch of Yardbirds covers.

Man, that would've been sweet. Robert Schwartzman, however, is no Keith Relf.

But he and his five very merry mates do make some great music. This album is even sunnier than their previous effort, the one with the California state flag turned into a Rooney flag.

Remeber: That album set up a framework for pop music with politics. These politics deal not with governments or wars or power - solely with the legitimacy of making happy music for convertibles. Rooney's is well-done music, crafted with tight arrangements and hooks, and I always sense something deeper in their marshmallow centers.

Here's what I hear the band saying: You can dig it. Your mom likely can dig it. So what.

What I like most about Rooney (and to some extent Gomez) is as follows: They argue what fans of the Monkees always knew in their hearts. Just because everyone young and old can dig a song at first note, doesn't mean it's less of a song. They are daring people to avoid the tired huffing and puffing about the great radio hits that so many tastemakers can't like because so many others do.

They're a brave band, and I like them very much.

This track, and several others on their new record, should be played often in the summertime.