Lunch Break Links: July 23, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Welcome back to another week of pop culture links and commentary with some soccer on top. I had a lovely time in NYC, and I'll tell you about it, but for now I have to round up today's links, see a movie for review and interview an unlikely rock star. About those links...

New York Magazine has a long profile on Andy Samberg. (via Pop Candy)

Ryan Adams and Pitchfork have a strange relationship. The songwriter once called up the webzine and demanded an interview. Their ongoing dialogue continues here.

Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested last night in New York on separate gun charges. That's not surprising; everyone who's heard Da Drought 3 knows Weezy probably gonna die with his finger on the trigger. (via Idolator)

Robert Smith and Ashlee Simpson are breaking up.

Slate wonders whether celebrity "exhaustion" is legit and ponders Sesame Street's attempt to make peace in the Middle East (having a little trouble getting that second one to load without shutting down my browser).

The six of you that watch Friday Night Lights will be glad to learn that Brooke Langton, who played the milf that hooked up with Tim Riggins, is getting her own show on NBC.

E! has some big TV news including guests on the upcoming Simpsons season (yes, it's still a TV show too), casting for 24's female president and more.

And if you want a couple clips from said movie, Yahoo has this and that.

EW begins counting down their top 50 love songs. (Not sure why now, but sure, have a go.)

You can stream the new John Vanderslice album at MySpace. (via LHB)

LHB posted its Interesting DVD and CD releases.

And finally, just so I show up in more Google searches: Harry Potter.