Song of the Day: The Rentals

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Rentals Track: "Last Romantic Day" Album: The Last Little Life EP


Those expecting a more somber continuation of the Rentals after hearing frontman Matt Sharp's introspective, wandering solo debut in 2004 will be pleased to hear a return to bright, sunny form with their latest EP.

Short, poppy, at times gleefully romantic - this could have been released as an appendix to the Rentals' popular 1995 debut.

Twelve years and two albums later, they're loving the same synths, rocking the same tones and embodying the cute and quirky aesthetic that has since been commodified on T-shirts at Urban Outfitters. Twelve years later, it still sounds good - odd, since so much of the music from that time had the shelf-life of sashimi-grade tuna.

They aren't just rethreading the same needle, though. The backbone that made "Friends with P" and "Waiting" so instantly catchy is bolstered here by layers of vocals, strings and other fare that doesn't always mesh well with a group of friends messing about with guitars and keyboards.