Lunch Break Links: July 25, 2007

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Columbus Alive

AV Club is brimming with good stuff today: The "My Year of Flops" feature examines Gigli, musician John Vanderslice puts his iPod on shuffle and the main feature asks whether The Simpsons is mankind's greatest acheivement.

PopMatters has an interview with Vanderslice as well. LHB tells me that San Francisco's I Pick My Nose is hosting a Vanderslice radio session tonight at 9 p.m. (6 p.m. Pacific), and the new Emerald City is streaming now at MySpace and Spinner.

(I'm listening to his new Emerald City right now and enjoying it, though not as much as I enjoy Cellar Door. I never got around to hearing his most recent, Pixel Revolt.)

All right, enough Vanderslice!

A few weird musical collaborations could be in the works. Akon with Fall Out Boy? Alicia Keys with the White Stripes? What about Keys with Queens of the Stone Age?

TV Guide has scoop on who will be back for the next season of Heroes plus news about various stars' movie gigs. That includes word on J.J. Abrams' mysterious "Cloverfield".

EW is big on the love and sexuality lists this week. Today they've got the 12 sexiest music video cameos.

Joni Mitchell has been confirmed as the second artist on Starbucks' label Hear Music.

Billboard has news on the next chapters of R. Kelly's "Trapped In the Closet."

I wish this was the cover for Kanye's Graduation. (The Guardian's commentary on his "Stronger" video is pretty good.)

Swedish crooner Jens Lekman, one of my favorites, has a new album coming out.

Pop Candy linked to a game called Statetris. It sounds hard.

Whitney also linked to a long interview with David Lynch.

Finally, Jeff Tweedy tells The New York Times: "I'm probably the only person that wanted to be a rock critic and failed at it and started a band."