Song of the Day: The Secret Admirers

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Secret Admirers Track: "Little Miss Nothing"


The Secret Admirers made waves a few weeks back with their first vinyl release, a two-song seven-inch featuring "One Last Song" and "Think It Over." The songs are good - Lookout punk mixed with a bit of '70s-era pop - but there was more to it than that.

Their release signaled the return of Datapanik Records, a local label known for its short but powerful run several decades back. In the stable were the Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Gaunt and other Columbus rock bands responsible for directing the city's indie output.

What I want to know: Why wasn't "Little Miss Nothing" put out first?

This track sounds close to Screeching Weasel, one of my all-timers, with a single-note lead riff atop a fast-paced drone that gives away a snarling, love-lorn chorus. The band's other stuff is strong, but this is by far the best song they've recorded.

Perhaps the band already released the song, but I haven't heard of much else by the Admirers.