Lunch Break Links: July 30, 2007

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Columbus Alive

One of my musical heroes, Travis Morrison, finally has some new music coming out, and you can hear it here.

Spinner has more streaming albums including new stuff from Common, Bat for Lashes and the Budos Band, which is coming to Ravari Room August 16. Sister site AOL has Sean Kingston and Korn (releasing their eighth album? sheesh).

The dude who signed My Bloody Valentine now says they were "a joke." The "Only Shallow" video posted at Stereogum is a convincing argument otherwise, methinks. (Look at 'em beat the drums!)

Speaking of drummers, Stylus is counting down the top 50 rock drummers.

I have a feeling there's a pretty sizeable overlap between Smiths fans and cyclists. This Manchester tour is for just such a person. (via LHB)

Paste's Andy Whitman wonders if it's a down year for music (and concludes...)

TV stars, porn stars and more at Comic-Con after the jump...

As usual, here are the week's Interesting CD and DVD Releases.

Rhino's next box set tackles metal. (via Paper Thin Walls)

Speaking of Heroes, that's just one of the many topics (24, Watchmen, Get Smart, Battlestar Galactica) Pop Candy reported on from Comic-Con. It seems more like TV and Movie-Con to me, but I'm sure some comic book stuff happens there, right?

Oh, yes, there are comics... including one by Jenna Jameson. (?)

This Deerhunter stuff just keeps getting weirder. When Pitchfork TV is doing its own Behind the Music in 2019, they're totally gonna be on it.

Finally, the big RIP ripples around the Internet are for Tom Snyder and Ingmar Bergman.