Nature Notes: Roll bike shop, disc golf, more

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Columbus Alive

The swankiest bike shop in town

There are plenty of reasons why Bicycle Retailer & Industry News named Roll one of the Top 100 retailers in the country, and why North Side bikers are flocking there.

The Polaris bike shop looks more like a SoHo boutique than a normal urban outfitter, but this setting is in no way intimidating. Owner Stuart Hunter, a polite and engaging Scot, came over and showed me the latest clothing, models and other flashy accessories offered there.

They've got Giant, Rocky Mountain, Vicious Cycles, Independent Fabrication and other brands. There are also got limited-edition stuff by Prana and paul Frank.

What makes the trip worthwhile, though, is the futuristic 3-D modeling apparatus once built to form-fit the interior of the Audi A8. Now, Hunter and associates use it to take a series of body measurements of prospective bike buyers.

Height, as well as arm and leg length, are measured, and the accompanying software database creates a schematic for a perfect fit. Everything from seat position to wheel size is taken into account. You tell them what and how you want to ride, and they accurately adjust your ride to maximize both comfort and performance.

Also, measurements are saved on file, so if you want to demo some different models, the store will set them up properly for your next visit.


Disc golf rules

If anyone finds a bright yellow driving disc on the back nine of the Griggs Reservoir course, please let me know. It's about 12 inches wide and pictures a heroic valkyrie poised for battle on the top.

My first round of disc golf ended on the 14th hole (are they called holes?) Sunday afternoon, when I hooked into some deep forest. Until then, I had a blast. That I'd enjoy this sport was news to me, since I own no Phish bootlegs or hemp products.

For real, though, disc golf is tops: a hassle-free way to spend needed time in the sun on the cheap. I bought one $9 disc at the Marathon gas station on Riverside Drive, between Lane Avenue and Fishinger Road.

For more info, click to the Professional Disc Golf Association, which features news, rules and a comprehensive course locator. Here's the link for the Griggs course.

Also, the Columbus Flyers, a local disc club, has a good website here. You can even print out a scorecard for the course.